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Based in Denison, Iowa, Elevate Roofing Company was established in June 1978 by James Reischl. Reischl believed in hard work, commitment and honesty. Because of these traits, he was able to build an impressive empire that is thriving today. Commercial roofing projects such as office buildings, industrial complexes, hospitals and universities have remained the primary focus over the past 30 years. Reischl’s son, Brad Reischl, took over the company in 2002. Along with key players Nick Bieker and Curt De Boer, this trifecta has carried on the traditions James Reischl set in place so many years ago. As a family-owned company, the relationships developed with each individual client is equally as important as delivering quality service. We service the entire state of Iowa, Eastern Nebraska and Western Illinois. While our service area is constantly expanding, we take great stock in maintaining our family owned mindset that carries along with it an attitude of caring and careful craftsmanship.


And the word is spreading. Our rapid growth in this market is indicative of our success as a company. On average we service 700+ roofs and 190+ inspections in Omaha alone. Elevate operates across the midwest, performing 1,000+ roof inspections yearly.


In addition to the high quality services and products, another outstanding value of our company is our dedication to each individual client. We really try to educate our customers on what we do, from tangible reading materials to in-depth explanations; we always deliver real, honest answers for our clients. We supply an ample amount of background information to explain to you what we think is best for your particular problem. Coupled with our timely response times, the crews at Elevate take critical care of our clientele. We find satisfaction in building solid relationships with the customers and as a result, we have many repeat customers. Our goal at Elevate Roofing is to continue the tradition of building a company based on a foundation of honesty and integrity. “Above All, A Good Roof.”



Brad Reischl

Brad Reischl is the President of R.L. Craft and son of founder James Reischl. He began working for his Dad when he was 12-years-old and has been growing with the company ever since. Brad has performed basically every job within the company; from pushing a broom to running a roofing crew to designing complex commercial roof systems. After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1999, he went to work full time at R.L. Craft. In 2002, his father gave him the opportunity to begin buying his company and the rest is history. Brad enjoys anything with his family, playing basketball, golfing, and snowboarding.


Curt De Boer

Curt De Boer has been with the company since 2006. He was eventually offered a partnership and leaped at the opportunity. Initially, De Boer started by revamping our marketing approaches and survey reports, but quickly learned the business and found his niche in customer service with a focus on repair and restoration. De Boer finds his greatest satisfaction in helping people. Curt has a passion for customer service and exceeding customer expectations. Besides truly enjoying his work, Curt enjoys his family, fishing, and church ministry.

Vice President

Nick Bieker

Nick Bieker has been with the company since 2003. Armed with a strong interest in construction, his first project was in his home town of Harlan, Iowa, which prepared him for a position at the helm of metal roofing and siding projects. After working his way up to estimating and project management, Brad asked him to become a partner in 2005. As the company safety officer, he also oversees safety meetings and project safety inspections. In his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding, bike riding, hunting, hiking and spending time with his wife and five children.

Vice President

Mike Petula

Mike Petula has been with the company since 2014. He came to Elevate with an extensive history in the roofing industry. Mike's experience, service-based personality, and team-building skills made him a great addition to the organization. He was quickly offered a partnership and proudly ran with the opportunity.  Mike is involved in most divisions of the organization including inspections, low and steep slope bidding as well as assisting Elevate’s many clients with insurance claims.  Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, three sons, family, and friends.  He has a passion for the game of golf and shares his love of sports with his sons. 

Vice President

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As we celebrate 40 years of service and commitment to our clients, we have taken time to reminisce and reflect on what those clients and this family business really mean to us.


Elevate was established in 1978 by James Reischl in Denison, Iowa. Jim believed in hard work, commitment, and honesty. These traits are what we attribute to the success and continued growth we have had as a company 40 years later. On top of these traits instilled by our founder we have implemented values we strive to elevate daily on both a personal and professional level.


These 7 pillars are the backbone of our company and are what make us different:









At the heart of everything we do. The foundation that guides us on both a personal and professional level. 

Our team is our most valuable asset. Keeping them safe on the job is our highest priority.

Without our team of talented individuals, our business would not exist. Our employees are family and are treated as such.

We have supreme gratitude for the relationships we've developed with our clients over the years. Fostering these relationships is of utmost importance to us.

Based on the principles instilled by our founder. Hard work, commitment and honesty.

The level of care we give to our clients is second to none. We take great pride in our ability to communicate with our clients through every phase of a project.

The pillar of excellence. What we strive to raise with each and every project.

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