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The differences between Elevate and most other commercial roofing companies are vast.


We offer free roofing consultations to anyone with absolutely no obligation. This includes a thorough survey report that is unparalleled. Our team physically inspects each location, including an aerial or satellite overview of the building. We then take section-by-section photos of details and problem areas with descriptions accompanying each photo. This is followed by a verbal section, which itemizes what each area of roofing is made up of, what condition the roof areas are in, what we recommend for life extension and the estimated life of the existing roof.


The reason you receive these comprehensive reports for free is to start building a key foundation for the contractor/client relationship, TRUST. We believe that the one who educates best earns their fair share of work. Secondly, we have specially trained service crews. The art of finding and resolving existing roof problems is a different craft than installing a new roof. These crews specialize in anything from small repairs to major restorations. Thirdly, we have well-seasoned, veteran team leaders that work together toward one goal:
to provide top quality workmanship.


These three strands interweave to form a strong, dependable cord of confidence. At Elevate, we believe the customers’ needs, whether big or small, are paramount. We want you to “see the difference.”






Roof Consultation

No problem is too large or too small.


A free, comprehensive roofing consultation is one of the main services that sets us apart from other roofing companies. Upon completion, a full, detailed report is provided at no charge.

The reason we do all of this at no cost is truly to get our feet on your roof and start building a relationship. It lays the foundation for a key component in any contractor/client relationship: trust. We believe if we educate well, you will recognize why something is needed or why it is not. We are not in the business of surprises, we are in the business of honesty and hard work.


Aerial or Satellite Photos of Your Roof

  • Roof top photos of details and problem areas

  • General overview of your roofing systems

  • Outline section-by-section of the specific problem areas on your roof

Remaining Life Expectancy of the Current Roof Based on Various Factors

  • Recommendations for roof repairs, restoration or replacement

  • Roof measurements and design specifications (if necessary)

Roof Restoration


Anyone with concerns about their roof can come to us. That includes restoring an existing roof that still has value. Not every troublesome roof needs immediate replacement. At Elevate, we are all about preserving whatever we can and not simply just trying to make a buck by convincing you to purchase more than is needed.


If there is a situation where the existing roof system is too costly to repair, but it’s still worth keeping around for a few more years, let our knowledgeable crews restore it.

We keep our philosophy at the forefront and promise you will

"see the difference"



We consider the ability of the existing system to drain water off the roof field. As well as, examine if the need to re-roof presents an opportunity to save future costs by adding insulation this time around.


We inform you if there are any products or systems that would serve your building better than what you had previously installed.


Someone once said, “price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Elevate has been redesigning and installing roofs on existing buildings for more than 30 years. We have learned to engineer value in our roofing systems.

We do not merely repeat the weakness of the past roofing system with new materials.
We infinitely improve it.

Leak Investigation


Elevate's leak response services are provided around-the-clock. We have specialty crews that are solely dedicated to leak investigation and repair issues. 

Veteran repair crews bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your roof needs. The art of finding and resolving leaks is a different craft than installing a new roof. 

We believe our open and honest communication is the key to finding your issues and fixing them fast.




We believe our clients deserve nothing but the best.

Roof Repair


Sometimes a roof needs updates, rather than a complete overhaul. Elevate offers roof repair services which will extend the life of the current roof. Often, repairs involve more than leak fixes but are extremely cost-effective and can provide quick relief to major roof issues.

Our experienced repair teams will help you evaluate the best course of action to need your individual needs and budget.




If the time has come to completely start over, we can deliver.

New Construction


When planning a new building, many facets come into play. Elevate specializes in new roof construction. The last thing you should be worried about is whether or not you have a quality contractor. We offer competitive bids, consistent access to our managers, and of course, honest answers. We have a proven track record that speaks volumes about our work ethic.

Request Service


If you have concerns regarding the life of your roof, please fill out the form below. One of our staff will contact you shortly to discuss your project and schedule a time for our technicians to review the structure of your roof while providing a no obligation quote if needed.

Thanks for submitting!

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